In how far are we defined by others?
Are we constantly transforming in a nomadic journey through the landscapes we encounter and shape?

A follow up on my visual research on (gender)identity

acryl and pencil on canvas (150 x 150 )

ballpoint on paper (29 x 20)
ballpoint on paper (29 x 20)
ballpoint, acryl on paper (29 x 21)
pencil, water colour on paper (35 x 30)
mixed media on paper (30 x 60)
mixed media on paper (30 x 60)
WE DO US and FLUID are two short video dance productions as result of a movement research which questions if we should consider identity to be more rigid or fluid and changeable
WE DO US - video to be seen here
WE DO US - videostills
FLUID -video to be seen here
FLUID - videostills
ARE WE REALLY- videostill